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Casino Themed Entertainmentroving

Roving Magic is the name of the show that works best with Casino themed Events.

Includes FREE & Optional Photography. See the video above for a description

Roving Magic is performed up close to small groups of people either those standing or seated and is similar to the kind of magic Dynamo on TV would perform (very close within a handshakes distance). Often called Mingle magic because the magician mingles with the crowd.

casino-iconBenefits of Welzman at your Casino Themed Event

dot-Mac-Logo-iconWelzman is a sleight of hand card expert he knows the magic and how to cheat at poker and can demonstrate the skills of a card cheat

dot-Mac-Logo-iconWelzman knows how to engage groups and also get shy people involved

dot-Mac-Logo-iconWelzman’s Magic is not only amazing but comedy based

dot-Mac-Logo-iconWelzman is the most experienced roving magician in Sydney who not only tailors his performance to your events needs but tailors his performance style on the spot to each group he performs for giving you a personalised experience for each group

dot-Mac-Logo-iconRoving Magic is a group experience, unlike for example a cartoonist which is 1on 1. Welzman’s roving magic was featured on the USA TV special “Great Magicians of the World” so it is of the highest quality

dot-Mac-Logo-iconWelzman’s Magic takes him around the world-With more and more businesses multi cultural- you need someone with the experience to perform for different cultures

The FREE Photography



This is free and optional (you don’t have to have it) essentially Welzman takes a photo after each performance capturing the excitement- you receive these photos on a password protected website or express posted to you on a CD.

This also allows for great group photos at the tables


Welzman’s roving magic far surpasses ANY other kind of roving entertainment or Magicians act and includes all the key ingredients to amazing entertainment

  • Interactive
  • Experiencial
  • Memorable
  • wow factor
  • comedy
  • personalised (the magic happens to you- in your hands)
  • group experience- while it can be performed 1 on 1- this magic is best performed to groups of people at a time.
  • Clean

Featuring many of the tricks Welzman used on “Great Magicians of the World” a USA TV special filmed in 2014.

Welzman in the Only magician in Australia to win a Merlin Award for his close up style magic


Casino style magic and cheating

In between performances- Welzman can demonstrate how to cheat with cards at poker. If you have hired a table (black jack, pokeretc) Welzman can demonstrate the fake shuffles, secret deals and fancy flourishes and how to do them. Anyone interested in Casino’s and cards will be fascinated with quick demonstration. and anyone who wants more information Welzman can take them aside and demonstrate more (so the game can continue on the table)


Australian_1_CoinHere’s how Welzman saves you money

dot-Mac-Logo-iconWelzmans roving show also includes FREE & Optional Photography saving you either money by not hiring a photographer or saving you time in not doing it yourself. You can now enjoy the event you worked so hard on.

dot-Mac-Logo-iconWelzman only charges for performance time- so you can breakup bookings of 2 or more hours to fit in with your events formalities

dot-Mac-Logo-iconIn the time it takes a cartoonist to draw a single picture- Welzman has performed for 10 people and has taken a photo. You get more for your money.