Awards Night Entertainment

Entertainment for a Company Award Night Dinner


An after dinner stage show is perfect for Award Dinners because it can break up a night of speeches and awards where the bulk of the audience are not winning anything and with Welzman.

Welzman’s dinner entertainment show comes in 2 varieties

Not after a stage show?

You may be interested in Roving Magic for your awards dinner. This type of show can be used at Pre dinner drinks and throughout the night to help with delays with food service and at the end of the night while there is dancing on check out the roving magic show found on the cocktail party page
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Option 1
Welzmans Stage Show

This show is normally booked as part of a package deal with 2 hours of roving magic and a stage show.

This is Welzmans show that he flies all over Australia- It packs down small, can be presented at any venue with or without the use of a stage making this perfect for smaller company award nights that don’t want to fork out thousands for an event at some of the more expensive venues

Any venue —no stage needed—–no additional costs for transporting the act

This show is a combination of Magic, Mind reading and comedy audience participation

Part of this act was featured on Great Magicians of the world a USA TV Special

trophy-iconBenefits of Welzman at your Awards Dinner

dot-Mac-Logo-iconThink of Welzman as a 2 in 1- A Magician & a comedian- but with the added benefit of being interactive and engaging for your Awards Dinner- this is good if there are many more”non winners”then there are winners

dot-Mac-Logo-iconWelzman has the ability to perform both a stage show and roving magic which reduces your costs by not having to have 2 separate entertainers

dot-Mac-Logo-iconWelzman’s Magic takes him around the world-With more and more businesses multi cultural- you need someone with the experience to perform for different cultures

dot-Mac-Logo-iconWe have said it before but we will say it again- this show is interactive

dot-Mac-Logo-iconYou can break up the stage show if you have many awards- you could have 2 x 15 minute shows or 3 x 10 minute shows to break up the evening

Option 2
Magician in Disguise

Mega Package Deal includes: stage show, Photography,roving magic and a surprise hoax

This is Welzmans’ flagship corporate act and the one show totally different from all other magicians in Australia


This is a Hoax style event where Welzman arrives in Disguise to your event as “Boris the russian photographer” and up until entrée’s – he walks around taking photos of guests and any speeches and awards.

towards the end of the Entrée’s “Boris” asks the organiser if he can perform on stage as the” event is a little dull without entertainment” So Boris takes to the stage and performs a trick that fails miserably and he slinks off stage to take more photos of guests and more awards.

After Dinner to regain his honor, Boris takes to the stage to perform just one more trick- this time surprisingly it works very well and then he transforms into the magician for a surprise show.

This show is presented as Boris and run for approx 30-35 minutes

After the show Boris reveals that he is really David Welzman- Born in Hornsby for 1 more surprise

For the remainder of the night David Performs roving magic and takes photos after each performance.

This show package is more suitable for award shows with a small amount of awards or events with a large amount of awards where the award announcements are presented quickly (such as calling all the names at once and taking group photos of award winners)

So here’s what you get:

dot-Mac-Logo-iconPhotography all night

dot-Mac-Logo-iconA surprise Magic stage show

dot-Mac-Logo-iconUnlimited Roving magic after the stage show

dot-Mac-Logo-iconAll photos for free (on a CD express posted to you or on a password protected website)